About Us - History

The idea of creating an Alumni Association emerged within E.MA and EIUC, as well as among donors, since the beginning and was supported also with dedicated resources by EIUC. This was echoed by the graduates that wanted to keep the unique spirit of the E.MA experience and create a platform for the discussion of common ideas and their concretization.

In 2002, a first official meeting of E.MA graduates took place in Venice to outline the structure of the future association and plan its future activities. In 2004, E.MA graduates suggested appointing a coordinator, acting as a focal point for the E.MAlumni Association activities. Heeding that proposal, in 2005 EIUC employed a dedicated part time staff member to carry out the initiative. On 5 April 2006 the E.MAlumni Association was registered under Italian law.

In November 2009 EIUC has employed a Networking Officer to reorganise the work done and revitalise the E.MAlumni Association. In the first months of 2010 a name survey was organised to establish an official name for the Association. After 2 ballots the name chosen was “E.MAlumni Association”. EIUC funds were also made available for the creation of a new website that was launched on 5 May 2010. To give a final burst to the revitalisation process EIUC funded also the first E.MAlumni General Assembly held in Brussals at the venue of the European Commission on 21 May 2010. The outcome of the Assembly was extremely positive, in particular for the amendment of the Statue and the definition of the remote-working and decision making features of the Association. The election of the first President, Treasurer and Board took place on this website from 16 to 30 June 2010. The elected Alumni were: Corinna Greco (Class 1998/1999, Vice president); Christiane Schwausch (Class 2008/2009, Treasurer); Filipa Guinote (Class 2004/2005); Giorgos Kosmopoulos (Class 2007/2008, President); Lydia Malmedie (Class 2007/2008); Sara Melkko (Class 2003/2004); Sophie Mirgaux (Class 2007/2008); Victor Bojkov (Class 2000/2001) and Igor Vorontsov (Class 2000/2001) subsituted later by Monika Alpoegger (Class 2005/2006).  The current board was elected in 2012:

Alba Marcellán Fernández (Class 2004/2005) – alba.marcellanfernandez {at} emalumni(.)org
Corinna Greco (Class 1998/1999) – corinna.greco {at} emalumni(.)org
Cristiano Gianolla (Class 2007/2008 | President) – cristiano.gianolla {at} emalumni(.)org
Iva Tsekova (Class 2010/2011) – iva.tsekova {at} emalumni(.)org
Krisztina Damjanovich (Class 2010/2011 | Treasurer) – krisztina.damjanovich {at} emalumni(.)org
Lydia Malmedie (Class 2007/2008 | Vice-President) – lydia.malmedie {at} emalumni(.)org
Lynn Schweisfurth (Class 2010/2011) – lynn.schweisfurth {at} emalumni(.)org [in charge until 11 July 2013]
Monika Alpoegger (Class 2005/2006) – monika.alpoegger {at} emalumni(.)org
Sofia Antunes (Class 2010/2011) – sofia.antunes {at} emalumni(.)org
Vera Martins de Almeida (Class 2007/2008) – vera.almeida {at} emalumni(.)org [in charge from 12 July 2013]