We are hiring! Secretary General, GCA &a…

2 days, 1 hour ago

We are accepting applications for the position of Secretary General for the GCA and the E.MAlumni Association. 

  Passionate abo…

PRISMA Human Rights Photo Contest.

3 days, 23 hours ago

The Global Campus of Master’s Programmes and Diplomas in Human Rights and Democratisation is pleased to announce the first editio…

Training seminar “Dublin III, two years …

1 month, 1 week ago

Training seminar on “Dublin III, two years on. Asylum seekers and refugees in the EU and beyond” Two years into the enddorsement…

Electoral Observation Course – Sog…

2 months ago

EIUC Electoral Observation specialised training

Open and legitimate elections are the indispensable foundation for sustainable development…

E.MA Fellow Vacancy

3 months ago

Apply by 1 April 2015

VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT:E.MA Fellow in International Relations or law or philosophy 2015/2016


The European…

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Welcome to the E.MAlumni Association

The E.MAlumni Association is an international, non-governmental and non-profit organisation of human rights experts and professionals who are graduates of the European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation (E.MA).


E.MAlumni General Assembly 2015


Lydia Malmedie, E.MAlumni Association President, announces GA 2015


18.o5 - 24.06. - Comment on documents

30.05.-07.06 - Vote

General Assembly Forum


E.MAlumni Board elections

Thank you very much to all those who put forward their candidacy for the 4 positions of the E.MAlumni Board Members.

Have a look at the candidate's messages and profiles here.

Elections will take place during the online General Assembly 30 May - 07 June 2015. Watch this space.

For more information on the roles, please click on these links to the Board Member and Treasurer TOR, or contact lydia.malmedie@emalumni.org and daniel.toda.castan@emalumni.org.

Please be reminded that you need to be an Active Member to run and/or vote for candidates; to become one just click here and follow the instructions.

We look forward to many candidates to come forward!

Best regards,

The E.MAlumni Board


E.MAlumni Active Membership

Dear Alumni,

it's been busy six months since the new Board took up office with activities such as the mentoring programme, human rights defenders cluster, career day and much more. We also have big plans for the coming months.

Support our ongoing work and be part of this exceptional growing community: Become an Active Member now by transferring your 30 EUR membership contribution

>> See how to transfer your membership contribution here

>> Find out more about the benefits of active membership here

We count on your support and we want you to get involved with ideas, participation, debates, decisions...all this is active membership.

Thank you,

Your Board,

Lydia Malmedie (President), Daniel Toda Castan (Vice-President), Erin Barbara Koenig , Steve Martin, Kerstin McCourt, Lenka Homolkova, Krisztina Damjanovich.


Career Day 2015

Watch the video of the 2015 Career Day:  four Alumni went back to the Lido to share best practices and skills with the E.MA students for building a successful career in the human rights field.

Thank you to Sara, Kristina, Javier and Steve for their time and commitment.


GCA Mentoring Programme

“..The mentorship program was really incredible. My mentor was unbelievably helpful and because of the connections she provided me with I am now working in my dream job..”    - Mentee 2013/14 -

The Third edition is ongoing.


Get to know where we are...



Other Shortcuts

The E.MAlumni Association website provide a series of services which are restricted to the E.MAlumni community, others are available to everyone although registration may be required to participate. Have a look at:

Statistics on E.MAlumni Human Rights and Democracy Forum

And if you register (for free) you can access much more...


Join us for E.MAhubs

16 generations of E.MA graduates- 1300 Masteroni spread all over the world working in different fields Read more…


Make your membership contribution today to support the work of the Association. With your 30€ yearly contribution you will access all the benefits of an active member.


Write us for any information or question: info@emalumni.org

Are you an E.MA graduate?  Register to the site Login and start your participation by checking the last discussions and contributing to the debate.

NB: if you have just registered you have only restricted access; the site administrator will validate your account very soon and grant you access.

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